Welcome to the chain of youth hostels in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal!


Dear friends! Let me introduce myself – my name is JACK SHEREMETOFF.  I own 3 hostels in IRKUTSK and Listvyanka (Russia) and I also run guided tours to lake Baikal. I am fully responsible for my business, which has been steadily growing since 1999! Please consider staying in my hostels! They are comfortable and not expensive, my English speaking staff is there to help. We arrange trips to Olkhon island, trekking tours and other activities. Welcome to Baikaler!


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Baikaler is a chain of 3 hostels: Baikaler, Balalaika and Belka

BAIKALER HOSTEL is located right in the city center of IRKUTSK. Great location in the downtown, clean and reasonably priced makes it a smart choice. This hostel has been recommended by the Lonely Planet and other guidebooks. The prices for Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, April, May, June are 500 R , for Feb, March, July, August, September are 600 Rub / 6 people DORM bed, 1500 Rub / TWIN room.



BALALAIKA HOSTEL is a new inexpensive hostel located within walking distance from Irkutsk train station. It is a younger brother of Baikaler. As good as Baikaler in terms of quality and services, but it is more spacious. Convenient for all trans-siberian travellers. The prices are as low as  450 R in dorm room / for a DORM bed.



BELKA HOSTEL is a spacious wooden cottage in LISTVYANKA | very close to Lake Baikal. It was especially built for the tourists with great attention to details. This is a great place to rest after long train journey and explore the vicinity of Lake Baikal.  Belka Hostel is located in the calm and quite part of the village.  We offer hiking tours as well as diving and dog sledding.  Bicycle rentals are also available here. The prices are as 500 Rub / 6 DORM bed, 600 R/ 4 DORM bed , 1500 Rub / TWIN room.

Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka for 3000 R per car (good deal for 3-7 people)



All hostels arrange door-to-door shuttle minibus services to OLKHON ISLAND – a truly top Baikal destination. We also have a good partner there: Baikaler Rural Hostel / U Olgi – great place to stay while you are there (FREE WiFi!)! We sell the tickets and arrange accommodation to everybody – not only to our hostels customers, welcome! We arrange private car transfers as well. The minibus ticket to Olkhon is 900 Rub / one way / person. Accommodation in Khuzir, the main town of Olkhon island, is 1200 Rub  / night / person


Visa Registration is available in all 3 hostels for 400R per visa (except for weekends!) Please note: If you register visa at Belka, you’ll have to pick it up at Baikaler!

For the Trans-Siberian Railway train tickets please contact our reliable partner NewBaikalWay Travel

We also arrange guided tours to lake Baikal. We have few fixed itineraries to offer. Please keep in mind that we can arrange other tours “beyond the box” upon requests. Tour leaders and groups are very welcome!

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