1) Please note that this booking does not qualify for the Russian Visa application process.

Please first request your LETTER OF INVITATION (Voucher), obtain your Visa, sort out your tickets and then book our hostels or services.

2) Think about your itinerary. Check out our SUGGESTED ITINERARIES section or if your plans are not clear, book couple of nights in Irkutsk for a start.

3) Keep in mind that we run a guesthouse in Listvyanka, arrange tours to lake Baikal and trips to its largest island of Olkhon. Please make sure your booking does not contradict with your intention, such us “I want to book 5 nights in Irkutsk and during that time I want to stay in Listvyanka for 2 night”. The correct way would be: ” I want to stay 2 nights in Irkutsk and 3 nights in Listvaynka”

4) Balalaika hostel has NO TWIN ROOMS! DORMS ONLY!

5) Please remember about “BIG RUSSIAN SECRET”: all trains are run on MOSCOW TIME! So, you will actually ARRIVE TO IRKUTSK 5 HOURS LATER then it is printed on your train ticket!

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This is for extra info we should know. Also, tell us if you wish to include the guided tour, transfer, Olkhon island trip into your itinerary or want us to help with the itinerary planning.

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