Balalaika Apartment is  located near the train station. It is a project the popular Baikaler Hostel, which is also located in Irkutsk. The Wi-Fi is also fast and can be used throughout the place.

We rented to the groups only for the rate of 500 R per person starts from 3000 R. For this money you will get the entire place for yourself. Please send your request  via e-mail: baikaler @ or wahtdsup +79086633144

The Location

Balalaika  is a convenient fifteen-minute walk from the Irkutsk Passenger Railway station, making it very accessible to anyone arriving into Irkutsk from the Trans-Siberian first thing in the morning. Its website also provides excellent, detailed instructions on exactly how to get there from the station. You can take a taxi or tram if you want, but walking is probably the easiest option.

Balalaika is not located in Irkutsk’s city centre like many of the other hostels in the area, but it is only a short thirty-minute walk across the bridge to the main city attractions. There are not really any restaurants and cafes around the hostel, but there is a supermarket nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Balalaika Hostel is small, comprising only of two eight-bed dorms. Configured with four sets of bunk beds, the dorms are narrow but sufficiently sized. The mattresses are soft and comfortable and each bed comes with its own individual light and power outlet. Like with other Russian hostels, guests are provided with sheets to make their own bed. Small towels are also provided free of charge.

The hostel has two showers and two toilets, all of which are kept very clean. The showers are excellent – nice and hot with great water pressure. They are very nice after getting off a three-day-long train ride! Although difficult to figure out how to turn on, the downstairs shower is a thing of beauty, with multiple shower heads and an built-in radio. Unfortunately this radio doesn’t work. Perhaps it was disabled by a frustrated staff member after some particularly intense shower karaoke sessions.

Common Spaces

The common areas are comfortable and quite reasonably sized, considering it is not a very large hostel. The main common area has a couch, a desk with two computers that are free for guests to use, and a kitchen/dining area. The kitchen is small but well equipped and user friendly with everything labelled in English. There is also a second common area downstairs with a couple of couches. However, to access this space and one of the dorm rooms, you must walk down a very steep and precarious spiral staircase. Anyone who has mobility issues should request to stay in the dorm upstairs.


Balalaika  is modern, comfortable, convenient to both the train station and city, and has fast Wi-Fi. It is also kept very clean and secure.

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