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Leg us introduce the Baikaler’s BEST PARTNER on Olkhon island, a guesthouse run by Olga Zvereva! We’ve been working together since 1999 with Olga. She is a great host and great manager.  Her place is located in Khuzir – the main town of Olhon. It is only 10 min walk to the lake.

Price per person per nights is 1650 Rub

Olga’s place is recommended by the LONELY PLANET as “U Olgi”. We promote it as “RURAL HOSTEL” PHOTOS OF THE RURAL HOSTEL

ADDRESS: Khuzir, ul Lesnaya, dom 3/1

Free WiFi is available!

Rural Hostel

The Rural Hostel has 6 twin rooms,  2 triple rooms and 1 room for 4 people in summer and 3 twin room and 1 triple room in winter.

 So, it can take 24 people at a time  in summer and 8 people at a time in winter. The guests can book different tours around the island. We recommend to take the 4WD excursion to the Northern Tip of the island called “Khoboi”. It is 1200 Rub ) + 100 R National Park fee/ person in high season. The host can also arrange a return minibus or book a minibus if you have an “open date” ticket.

Toilets and shower are shared! Russian steam bath is extra 500R per person arranged upon request.

To book the Rural Hostel, please e-mail us your request at info at baikaler dot com

Catering is provided from the moment you check in, till the check out. The food is diverse and tasty, many ingredients are locally grown (potato, greens, carrot, eggs, meat). The fish is from the lake – Omul.



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