Circum-Baikal Walking Tour

1 DAY TOUR to lake Baikal which is mostly walking along the CIRCUM-BAIKAL RAILWAY. Actual walking on rail-tracks gives you a real filling of the site as well as physical exercise. Sometimes called a unique achievement in engineering, the Circum-Baikal is one of the picturesque sights of the area around Lake Baikal. More on WIKIPEDIA

The main idea of the tour is that you will be driven to the starting point of the walk – Angasolka village . Once you are there, you will be directed to your walking route and after that moment you walk independently – NO GUIDE – to the meeting point – the Southern most village of Baikal – Kultuk.




RUN: All year round, but in winter the tour can be cancelled due to heavy snowfalls!)

You’ll be picked up from my hostel (or train station or any other place in Irkutsk) at 10 am.

We drive the federal road M55 eastwards. It is quite hilly, with lots of turns, up-hills and down-hills. This way gets relatively dangerous to drive in winter. Driving this way in summer is ok.

It takes 2hr in summer and longer in winter to cover 100 km to get from Irkutsk to your starting point, a village called Angasolka. From there, you leave you driver and walk down the valley through the forest. There is a steep downhill in the beginning of the path. You will reach Old Angasolka village, located on lake Baikal, in 1hr.

Then you turn right, and start walking along the Circum Baikal Railway. You will be seeing an Angasolka Bridge, and 3 tunnels, and, of course, a magnificent view of Baikal.

You will reach the village of Kultuk in 3-4 hrs, depending how much time you spend on taking photos or exploring the tunnels. Total walking distance is around 12 km.

After that, you will meet your driver and be transferred back to Irkutsk, another 1.5 hr.

What to bring: water and lunch box.

Return by road to Irkutsk by 5-7 PM.

Overnight in Irkutsk at BAIKALER HOSTEL can be arranged.


Price per GROUP:

6000 Rub if the group is 1 people

7000 Rub if the group is 2 people

8000 Rub if the group is 3 people

9000 Rub if the group is 4 people

10000 Rub if the group is 5 people

11000 Rub if the group is 6 people

12000 Rub if the group is 7-8 people


Prices include : private car transportation.

National Park fees are NOT included (100R per person )

To book the tour please contact Jack Sheremetoff

Our  route:

 Kara and Nate

Published on Oct 12, 2017
GET THE FULL GUIDE TO THE TRANS-SIBERIAN: // We did this hike with Jack Sheremetoff // After 74 hours on the train, we finally made it to our first stop of Irkutsk, Russia! We got to stretch our legs by walking on the old Trans-Siberian Railway along Lake Baikal which is the deepest lake in the world! ***TRAVEL VLOG 421***  “Rotations” from Epidemic Sound (get a free month of royalty free songs!)

The 360 degree panorama of the most impressive bridge located in the neighing of your trek – the Staraya Angasolka village.

28 June 2017

By James Andrews,
Great day today, thanks to Jack Sheremetoff who drove us down to the edge of Lake Baikal, about 100km away. Baikal is huge, one of the biggest lakes in the world. He dropped us off and we walked down a trail through a wood (would have been a brilliant bike trail, all rooty in places) which popped out on the old circum-Baikal railway line. It still sees a couple of trains a day. We followed the line round for about 5 miles to the next town where he was waiting, along the lake. At the end was a fabulous fish market, all the ladies were lined up with their piscine wares and tried to out-shout each other to persuade us over. I had a hot smoked omul (only found in Baikal), it was glorious! What a great way to end a great day!

By Andrew Goodall, Oct 26, 2017

Just wanted to say thank you so much for our walking tour trek. We enjoyed it very much. The forest, railway and lake were amazing. Tanya was an excellent guide and it was great that she left us to walk alone along the lake also.
We hope to visit your beautiful country again soon.
Thanks again