In all our hostels – BAIKALER , BALALAIKA and BELKA – we offer the following services:

TRANSPORTATION TO OLKHON ISLAND  Olkhon island is – definitely –  number one destination on lake Baikal. Every one who has minimum 3 days to spare should visit the island. However, keep in mind that the island is remote, the journey there is long and tiring.  If have enough energy for that – go. If you want something more relaxing, visit LISTVYANKA. If you want to do the hiking / trekking – it is also to LISTVYANKA and then by feet to BOLSHIE KOTY.

ACCOMMODATION ON OLKHON ISLAND We offer a great place to stay on Olkhon island, a Lonely Planet recommended place, called “U Olgi” aka “Baikaler Rural Hostel”

PRIVATE TRANSFERS We’ll drive you from Irkutsk to any Baikal destination for the Irkutsk taxi company rate. Seems expensive? This is per vehicle, not per person. Still expensive? Then use our minibus services. Heard that it could be cheaper?? Yes, at the bus terminal.

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