Beware of the aggressive dogs in Listvyanka!!!

Beware of the aggressive dogs in Listvyanka!!!

This is what my tourists reported:

Dear Jack,

Thanks for having welcomed us at your hostel we had a nice stay.

We write you this e-mail because we had a problem coming back from the Great Baikal Trail from Bolchie Koty. We don’t know if you will be able to do anything but we need to tell that to somebody in Lystvianka.

When we arrived to the first house on the right coming down from GBT, on Gudin street (sorry we don’t know the number), two big white dogs came out of the fence unleached and attacked us. I was bitten quite badly with a bloody wound but fortunately I had good trousers. The owner didn’t do anything to help us or to call his dogs back.

We were only walking in the street and didn’t enter into the property and they just attacked us without us doing anything provocative.

We would like to advise you and the other travelers (maybe even the police if you think it
can be useful) because we think it’s a dangerous place to walk (and it’s on the way to the GBT).

We hope that this information can be useful and that something can be maid.

Thanks in advance for reading us,

Best regards,

Claire & Marc

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