FAQ about Visa Registration


Why do I need to register my Visa??

Our borders are open for the Kazakhs, Uzbekies, Kirgizs and Tajiks, so they can come to Russia freely. The “Registration” of all foreign visitors  is the way (efficient or not – this is another question) to track down the movement of the tourists and migrants. Unfortunately, our government does not distinguish between Western tourists and ex-USSR migrants. In fact, it does not really cares about the Russians too: if I move to Moscow I …. right! I have to be registered there within 7 business days! (which is unti-constitutional)

When do I need to register my Visa??

Please note that starting March 25, 2011, new registration rules came into effect. The most important change is that instead of a three day registration deadline, a visitor must register within SEVEN work days.

What if I do stay less then 3 days in each city??

You have to register whenever you encounter the 7th day.

What if I stay longer then 7 days and still I do NOT register my Visa at all??

If you are caught in the city, they’ll fine you (2000 Rub). Before they’ll fine you, you’ll have to go though the Russian bureaucracy hell. That will be very unpleasant, believe me.

If you managed to go around without registration, and now on your way out of Russia – you should not wary much. The border people do not care about that.  Below, you can read 2 reports from the people who crossed Russian – Mongolian border :


Dear Baikaler,

 A few weeks ago we stayed at the Baikaler hostel in Irkutsk. Due to various reasons we could not register ourselves while staying in Russia. We would like to let you know that when we crossed the Russian-Mongolian border by car, our registrations were not checked. It did not cause us any problems that we were not registered.

 Best wishes,

 Mike Heuijerjans


Hi Jack and the Baikaler Team,

Just for your information, we have just passed the Russian-Chinese border at Zabaikalsk two days ago and though we had not registered our visa, we had no problem at the border. We had told you we would let you know, that’s done 🙂

Thanks for all, we really had at a great stay in Irkutsk, Olkhon, Lystvianka and Bolchie Koty. All the team is amazing ! We would definitely recommend you!

Aude & Arnaud (Belgium)

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