Presently, for Irkutsk , I recommend to book the following places: (Baikaler does not own this properties)

Irkutsk City Centre:

Rolling Stones The capsule lounge hostel in the historical centre of Irkutsk. This is a second successful project of the same team of two young guys. They took into account all the suggestions and feedbacks they got during previous 2.5 year and built a new terrific hostel.

Montana Hostel  Previously known as Rolling Stones, now it has another owner but same remarkable features. The location in the very heart of the Irkutsk historical centre will allow everyone to choose the tour route according to their interest – trips, shopping or business.

Nice People Its a wonderful small city hotel with 6 private rooms decorated as the famous cities : Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Located within walking distance to the Central Market.

Irkutsk Airport:

Bravo Hostel – Especially recommended for Thai people which arrive to Irkutsk at midnight – 7 min walk from the international airport.

It is located across the road from the internal terminal “Irkutsk Airport”. There is also hotel of the Irkutsk airport “Air Harbour” nearby. It is possible to reach us with a suitcase on the asphalted road. It isn’t even necessary to spend money on a taxi.

Hostel Bravo is ready to immerse guests into comfortable environment. It is easy to achieve because of the special interior design, huge size of premises and a large number of places for having rest. The name of the hostel wasn’t chosen by accident. All interior design is devoted to musical themes. So it won’t be surprising for you to see or take the real violin or to put a vinyl disk on the rare record player “Romanticism”.

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