How to get to Rural Hostel


Dear Friends!

We offer a very very convenient service: we have a DOOR-TO-DOOR shuttle service to / from OLKHON ISLAND. The minibus picks up our guests from the hostel and – in 6-7 hrs – it delivers then to the main town of Olkhon island, named Khuzir to the front door of OUR GUESTHOUSE or any other guesthouse.

The one way ticket if 900Rub, return 1800 Rub  CONVERTER 

* luggage included. A bicycle is 500 Rub extra.

We also have a guesthouse there for 1200 Rub / night / person. MORE THERE So, if you wish to visit for 3 day / 2 night, we can arrange it all for 1800 Rub (transportation) + 2400 Rub (accommodation) = 4200 Rub

I suggest to book the return ticket. If you do not know when you wish to return, we sell open date tickets. PLease contact my manager to purchase the ticket. Please note that WE SELL TICKETS TO EVERYBODY!

For those who does not live at Baikaler: first sell the ticket, and after we send a minibus to your address. Please come to Baikaler Hostel  or Balalaika Hostel to buy a ticket.

To book the Rural Hostel, please e-mail us your request at or fill up the BOOKING FORM

Olkhon minibus time table:


SUMMER DAILY:  twice a day at around 10 am from Baikaler Hostel door (arrives to Khuzir at 16.00) and 1 pm from Baikaler Hostel door (arrives to Khuzir at 15-16.00)

WINTER DAILY:  at around 10 am from Baikaler Hostel door. Please note that during the ice freezing / melting seasons, you’ll have to pay extra 350 Rub for the hovercraft transfer.


SUMMER DAILY:  at around 9 am from Rural  Hostel door (arrives to Irkutsk at 15-16.00)

The minibus route:

Our minibuses:

Fiat_Ducato  toyota-hiace


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