Jack Sheremetoff

Jack Sheremetoff was born and raised in Irkutsk (Nothing to do with Germany!). “Jack” is his business name – easier to remember for English speaking web surfers. His real name is Evgeny  as Onegin and Kafelnikoff.

He’s been self employed for 20 year already, working as a tour guide. A bit later, he  set up 3 hostels: Baikaler in 2005, Belka in 2010 and Balalaika in 2014. Then later  in 20118 he shut down Baikaler and Balalaika but still keeps Belka. Jack Sheremetoff has been always running the tours and still runs the tours all year round.

Below is the photo and video by David Ostgard who travelled across Russia in summer 2018. 

Besides of hosteling and guiding activities, Jack is into ice cycling and walking.

This is about the 4 D / 3 N ice cycling in March 2014 (220 km covered from Listvyanka to Elantsy)

This is about 7 D / 8 N walking around Olkhon island in March 2015. (200km covered)

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