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The map of Listvyanka sights 

“Taltsy” – an open air museum of wooden architecture 

The Taltsy Museum (Russian: Тальцы), located on the Angara 47 kilometers (29 mi) South of Irkutsk, is an open-air museum of Siberian traditional architecture. Numerous old wooden buildings from villages in the Angara valley, which have been flooded after the construction of the Bratsk Dam and Ust-Ilimsk Dam, have been transported to the museum and reassembled there. One of the centerpieces of the collection is a partial recreation of the 17th-century ostrog (fortress) of Ilimsk, which consists of the original Spasskaya Tower and the Church of Our Lady of Kazan transported from the flooded ostrog in the mid-1970s, to which an exact modern copy of another tower of theostrog and the Southern wall of the fortress were added in the early 2000s.



Listvyanka sight

1. The observation point to view the Angara river mouth and a Shaman rock (51°52′27.57″N , 104°49′48.89″E)

It is located in the very beginning of the village. Angara – 1779 km long – is the only river which outflows the lake. The river mouth is the wides in the world. It never freezes in winter due to the warm waters feeding the river from the bottom of Baikal.


2. Baikal Museum  (51°52′6.54″N , 104°50′11.73″E)

Listvaynka village, Akademithceskaya street, 1
tel. +7 (3952) 490-155 

Baikal museum is dedicated to collect, store and share the knowledge about lake Baikal. It has 3 main themes: 1) geology, landscapes and live creatures of the lake.


2) fish and seals aquarium


3) “virtual” submarine diving to the bottom of the lake


Also, you can watch the tiny creatures of Baikal using the microscope.

You can watch a live translation from the remote islands where there is a great Baikal seal colony.

3.  Arboretum – Lake view trees and plants park 



4. Nerpa-seals show 

Listvyanka village, Gorky street, 101-а. tel: +7 (3952) 554432, 496900

The nerpa-seals show is unique in its kind: the seals can dance, sing and play jazz and foot ball. One of the seals is talented enough to paint the art masterpieces, which you can buy (if you are talented enough)


5. Shaman-rock 


6. A lift to the view point (Chersky stone – Kamen Cherskogo) (51°52’22″N 104°50’37″E)

The Chersky Stone is the 755 m hill top, from where the Southern part of Baikal, port Baikal, Khamar-Daban mountain range.



7. The cliffs in the beginning of Great Baikal Trail

See the 3D panorama

The trekking between Listvyanka and Bolshie Koty is the most popular esp in summer. The 18 km can be covered within 6 hr. Most of the time, the train goes along the shore therefore the views are fantastic.



See 3D panorama

8. Private zoo 

Listvyanka village, Gorky street, 3

9. Retro park 

A collection of metal sculptures and old Soviet cars.



10. Saint Nicolas Church

Listvyanka village, Koolikova street, 90. tel: +7 (3952) 496771


11. Russian song performance center

Listvyanka village, Ostrovsky street, 45.
8(3952)496-822; 89025433198

12. The solar telescope (biggest in Russia)


13. Art Gallery named after Vladimir Plamenevsky

Listvyanka village, Chapaev street, 76 

14. Fish market and souvenirs 


15. Baikal Dog Sledding Center (all year round)

Listvyanka village, Koolikiva street,  134 а
Tels : 8-9086-605-098, 8-9086-569-374

Belka hostel arranges dog sledding with them



16. Snowmobiles and quads renting 

Listvyanka village, Kooliova street,  44
tel: 8 (3952) 67-67-23

Belka hostel arranges snowmobiles and quads with them

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What else you can do in Listvyanka

A boat excursion around Listvyanka  

At the main peer, you can rent private boats or use regular public boats to visit Bolshie Koty (18km, 30 min one way) and Sandy Bay – Bukhta Peschannaya (90km, 2 hr one way) or visit port Baikal (25 min one way)

The ferry to port Baikal (departs from the Baikal Museum peer) is orating all year round due to unfrozen river mouth.

Visiting the ice sculptures town (February – March)



Taking a rice on the hovercraft


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