Listvyanka trekking


Listvyanka is designed for walking and hiking. Cycling there is limited due to the rough terrain, but possible. I’d say you need a bicycle in Listvyanka more to moving yourself from one side of the village to another. The village is stretched along the lake for 5 + km. It does not really have a public transportation, so you either walk or cycle. So it is like an urban cycling. You can RENT BICYCLES THERE. For good outdoor cycling visit OLKHON ISLAND . Listvyanka is also good for DIVING, DOG SLEDDING AND QUAD RIDING. SEE ALL LISTVYANKA SIGHTS

So, what to do in Listvyanka if just want to hike??

NUMBER ONE hiking route is Great Baikal Trail – GBT. It goes from Listvyanka to Bolshie Koty and further. Listvyanka – Bolshie Koty is the most popular hike. The 18km of the trail are covered within 6 hours. The trail goes mostly along the shore. The views are great!

Even for a trained people, it is unite hard to walk there and back in one day. You should keep that in mind and plan your hike accordingly.

You can

1) walk half way and return the same way.

2) walk to Bolshie Koty and return by public boat (in summer only, limited option, see the complete BOAT TIMETABLE

3) walk to Bolshie Koty, overnight there at LESNAYA 7 HOSTEL , return to Listvayna by feet.

To start you hike (please see the map below) you have to walk down to the main road from BELKA HOSTEL (2), turn left, walk along the main street, pass the “Mayak” Hotel (3), walk further and take the first left turn – Gudina street.


Keep walking up to Gudina street, pass a very expensive yellow wooden house (on your left side) , walk further till the road transforms to the trail: this is what you need. After that just keep walking without expecting to see any arrows, signs and other things you might see in other civilised countries. WE do not have that.

trekking in Listvyanka

ANOTHER HIKING ROUTE is easier, walking only on horizontal surface, it is about full day walking. What’s good about it: you’ll have a short boat ride across the river (Angara), see port Baikal and walk along the Circum-Baikal Railway. A lunch box is required.

Step 1: You have to get to point 3 (Rogatka pier in frond of Baikal Museum), take a 8.15 AM ferry to port Baikal (blue line). Once there, it is recommended to climb up the hill to the old lighthouse for the view.

Please note that if you stay at BELKA HOSTEL (5), and you walk to point 3, it is min 5 km and 1 hour walk, so you have pt leave the hostel at 7 AM!

Step 2: Then you can walk along the old rail tracks (red line) to the tunnel (about 5-6 km). Make sure your are back to port bail by 4.15 PM or 6.15 PM.

port Baikal

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