2 D / 1 N tour : trekking in the forest, sleeping in the cabin


You will experience real Siberian winter, see wild places, walk the trail under gigantic pine trees, enjoy trekking to the rock formations, overnight in a hunting hut called Skazka / Fairy Tale, visit Russian steam bath and roll in a snow. Note: this tour does not go to lake Baikal!


Irkutsk – starting point (Orlenok) 35 km – Rock Formation Vityaz / Knight 6 km – hunting hut Skazka / Fairy Tale 3 km – Rock Formation Idol 4 km – Rock Formation Mexico 1 km

Day 1

Pick up and 1 hr transfer by car to our starting point. After that, we begun to walk uphill through the forest for about an hour. After that we each a beautiful granite rock formation located among the deep pain tree forest. That’s  time to rest for a while to see the surroundings.

The second leg of our hike is 4 km long (1.5 hours). We reach the spot with the river and a massive rock called Vityaz / Knight. Here we definitely want to climd the top of the rock to see the surroundings. After one hour break , we continue along the river for about 2 km (30 min) and check into the hunting hut Skazka / Fairy Tale.


After lunch, we have a free time : to walk around, to collect fire wood etc.

Rewarding end of the day : Russian steam bath!


Overnight in the cabin. (no running water, no shower, toilet is outside (long drop style)

Day 2


Trekking to the Rock Formation Idol will take the first half of our day. After exploring those amazing stones we return to the cabin to eat lunch. After lunch we run another very short trek 2 km in total to see the Mexico Rocks.

After that, we return to the cabin to collect our main backpacks and walk bak to the main road for about 7 km. Transfer back to Irkutsk by car. You will be dropped at your hostel / hotel in Irkutsk.


group size of 1 person only: 10000 R
group size of 2 people: 8000 R per person
group size of 3-4 people: 7000 R per person

Price includes al transfers by car, meals as noted, guide

1. The Fairy Tale cabin was built almost 40 years: in 1978 2. There is a​ big teeter – totter (swing) located near the cabin. It is attached to the huge pine trees. 3. The Fairy Tale cabin is a phenomena of a forest communism : everyone is allowed to use the cabin’s facilities. Hoverer, there is an obligation to keep the cabin clean, leave the dry stock of wood and, possible, some food.​ 4. ​In the beginning of 2000s , the tourists saw a cub and fed it. It grew into a shameless imprudent bear, thinking that tourists are the source of easy food. The bear started to attack tourists demanding food. Once, the bear managed to walk into the Fairy Tale cabin​. All the people rushed out of the cabin and locked up the bear inside. The brown hooligan crushed its cabin interior and clipped off the curtains (it is can still be seen). The bear was shot next year by the hunters. 5. Wild animals never came so close to people again.

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