PAINING: Russian Troika. By Elena Samarskaya

“Oh troika, winged troika, tell me who invented you? Surely, nowhere but among a nimble nation could you have been born in a country which has taken itself in earnest and has evenly spread far and wide over half of the globe, so that once you start counting the milestones you may count on till a speckled haze dances before your eyes… Rus, are you not similar in your headlong motion to one of those nimble troikas that none can overtake?The flying road turns into smoke under you, bridges thunder and pass, all fall back and is left behind!… And what does this awesome motion mean? What is the passing strange steeds! Has the whirlwind a home in your manes?… Rus, whither are you speeding to? Answer me. No answer. The middle bell trills out in a dream its liquid soliloquy; the roaring air is torn to pieces and becomes wind; all things on earth fly by and other nations and states gaze askance as they step aside and give her the right of way.”

Nikolai Gogol

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3000 Rub per group of 1-4: Irkutsk – Listvyanka (one way)

10000 Rub per group of 1-4: Irkutsk – Khuzir / Olkhon island (one way)

14000 Rub per group of 5-15: Irkutsk – Khuzir / Olkhon island (one way)

In July and August to the ferry village only! add extra 3000 for the island transport!

13000 Rub per group of 1-4: Listvyanka – Irkutsk – Khuzir / Olkhon island (one way)

17000 Rub per group of 5-15: Listvyanka – Irkutsk – Khuzir / Olkhon island (one way)

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